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iN 2004 Big Lots had construction, firemen, army and such toys with incredible detail in good scale, and at very reasonable prices. I bought several sets for my grandchildren to play with when they came to visit, and was so impressed with the accessories that came with them that I went back and bought sets for myself.

This bike was included with some construction worker action figures. I wanted to do a small setting for some friends with whom my husband goes mountain bike riding. I asked him how close it was to a mountain bike.

"Well, not close," he said. "First of all, the seat's too low and the wrong shape, the handlebars are wrong, the water bottle's in the wrong place," etc., ... "but I'll see what I can do."

The first thing he did was remove the handlebars.

He's cut apart something here; not sure what; maybe part of the handlebars?

The second thing he did was remove the toolbox.

This is a great toolbox; I am saving it for some future project. It even has scale tools!

He wasn't pleased with this bike at all; everything was too bulky, including the tires. Here he's grinding something.

And maybe cutting away something here?

Here he's cut away the framework that held the toolbox, and heaven knows what all else, grumbling all the way.

Here he's reshaping the pedals.

"Well, that's going to have to do," he fussed. Here it is, compared to the original design.

The major differences include reconfiguring the handlebars, raising the seat, redoing the pedals, moving the water bottle. It still needs something else, as for instance the back part looks funny.

Fortunately, we found some very accurate "real" mountain bikes for my future setting for our friends, so this one was abandoned. However, he HAD done that work, and I HAD taken these photos, so I thought, what the heck, I'll show it anyway.

"Don't show that! It's terrible," he said, but if a person weren't too picky, I'll bet this bike could appear in a scene somewhere. Maybe turned at an angle, the back part of it concealed behind a bush or something ....

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