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(... Well, How I WANT To Do It)


Ever since I came across my dad's little red fishing lantern and my husband's uncle's fishing flies while cleaning out a storage area, I have been wanting to do a display of the fishermen in the family - my dad, my husband's father, and Uncle Ted. I had planned to look through our photographs to get pictures of the three of them, with the idea that I would hang the grouping, along with some fishing minis, in our hallway.

When I found this poor fellow with his broken arm and messed-up fishing pole among the Christmas decoration remnants on a Hobby Lobby shelf, I knew I could repair him and he would be a good addition to that display. But the main reason I bought him is that he looks uncannily like my husband's late father, whom I loved dearly. So, one of these days, he will join whatever else I come up with in that fishermen's display.

I do think that after I repair and repaint him slightly, I will put a dirty water wash over him to bring out the features and make him look a little less "clean." Whoever knew a clean fisherman?

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