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Sorry for the dim picture. I didn't know it was like that until I had already painted the little buggy, and that was the only carriage I had at the time. Maybe the battery was getting low in my digital camera? Anyway, that is a penny next to it, for size.

Here it is painted. Notice how the mold lines show up. Next time I will use my craft knife to scrape those off first.

I used my trusty dental pick to poke out the plastic between the spokes of the tires where they protrude below the carriage bottom. Tedious, but worth it for the final look, in my opinion.

I had to work from the back, as well.

Here is the carriage after the entire wheels have been painted gold; lightly stained to emphasize details.

This is the stain I used, coating the entire carriage, then wiping away excess with a soft cloth. I like Minwax because it coats and seals. Oftentimes, I pour some into a small cup and just dip my little item in it, then wipe.

Here is my little baby carriage floral arrangement. This was a gift to Lenora Smith on the CreationsinMiniature list for her dollhouse shop. Those are some of the tiniest silk roses I have made.


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